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Sölden is one of Austria's premier and most dynamic ski areas.

Welcome to  Sölden
Sölden is a renowned Alpine resort located in the heart of the Ötztal Valley. Famous for its extensive ski terrain and state-of-the-art facilities, Sölden offers an exceptional winter sports experience. The resort is known for its high-altitude skiing, reliable snow conditions, and vibrant après-ski atmosphere.

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Sölden, nestled in the heart of the Ötztal Alps, stands as a premier destination for winter sports enthusiasts seeking unparalleled Alpine experiences.

The village of Sölden boasts a unique charm with traditional Tyrolean architecture set against a backdrop of majestic peaks. Its central location in the Ötztal Valley provides convenient access to a vast ski area, renowned for its extensive network of slopes catering to all levels of skiers and snowboarders. From gentle beginner runs to challenging black pistes, Sölden offers something for every skill level.

What sets Sölden apart is its modern infrastructure, featuring state-of-the-art lifts that efficiently transport visitors to the slopes, ensuring minimal wait times and maximum time on the snow. The ski area's high-altitude location guarantees excellent snow conditions throughout the season, making it a favorite among powder enthusiasts and freeride aficionados alike.

Away from the slopes, Sölden offers a vibrant après-ski scene with cozy mountain huts and stylish restaurants serving up delicious Tyrolean cuisine. Visitors can unwind in the village's inviting atmosphere, exploring boutique shops or relaxing in wellness centers after a day on the mountain.

For those seeking adventure beyond skiing, Sölden provides thrilling activities such as alpine coaster rides and snow tubing, ensuring there's never a dull moment off the slopes. Don't miss the seasonal events and freestyle shows that add to the excitement of winter in Sölden, creating lasting memories for all who visit this iconic Austrian resort.

Apres Ski

Sölden emerges as a vibrant hub for après ski revelry, nestled amidst the stunning Ötztal Alps. As the sun sets behind the majestic peaks, the nightlife in Sölden comes alive, offering an array of options to unwind and celebrate the day’s adventures.

The scene kicks off with a visit to the lively slopeside bars like the Ice Q at Gaislachkogl, where you can savor panoramic views with a refreshing drink in hand. For those seeking a more bustling atmosphere, head to Fire & Ice at Rettenbach Glacier, known for its energetic vibe and live music that keeps the party going well into the night.

When it’s time to explore the village, Sölden doesn’t disappoint with its diverse selection of bars and clubs. Start your evening at Schirmbar or Philipp’s Bar, popular spots where locals and visitors mingle over cocktails and local specialties. For a taste of the high life, venture to Nederhütte, a mountain hut turned après ski hotspot known for its festive atmosphere and traditional Tyrolean cuisine.

As the night progresses, don’t miss the opportunity to dance the night away at Katapult Club or enjoy a more relaxed evening at Heiners. Each venue offers its own unique charm, ensuring there’s something for everyone looking to experience the lively après ski culture that defines Sölden.

Food enthusiasts will also find plenty to indulge in, from cozy taverns serving hearty Austrian fare to gourmet restaurants offering culinary delights from around the world. Treat yourself to a memorable dining experience at Restaurant ice Q or s’Pfandl, where you can savor delicious meals accompanied by fine wines in a cozy alpine setting.

In Sölden, the après ski experience isn’t just a tradition – it’s a celebration of Alpine hospitality, adventure, and unforgettable moments that make every visit to this Austrian gem truly exceptional.


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Sölden Ski Terrain – Beginners

Sölden has beginner areas in all three of its main sectors as well as several exceptional ski schools that can help new skiers transition to the next level. The best beginner’s area has to be at Innerwald, easily accessible via the Giggijochbahn gondola from the village center, which includes magic carpets and gentle slopes. Additionally, the blue runs at Giggijoch and Gaislachkogl provide ideal terrain for building confidence in skiing.

Sölden Ski Terrain – Intermediates

Intermediate skiers will find Sölden perfect for improving their skills. Start at the Giggijoch area, which has many easy blue runs, great for building confidence. Progressing to the red runs at Gaislachkogl offers longer, steeper sections for more challenge.
For the adventurous, the Schwarze Schneide descent starts at over 3,000 meters and provides a thrilling mix of varied terrain. The well-connected lift system in Sölden ensures easy access to diverse intermediate slopes, making it ideal for those looking to advance their skiing amidst the beautiful Ötztal Alps.

Sölden Ski Terrain – Experts

Sölden is perfect for expert skiers, offering some of the most challenging terrain in the Alps. The Schwarze Schneide descent starts at over 3,000 meters and provides a thrilling 15km run down to the valley. Another highlight is the Gaislachkogl area, with steep, long runs that test even the most skilled skiers.
Off-piste enthusiasts will enjoy the untouched snow around the Rettenbach Glacier. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Sölden offers heli-skiing, allowing skiers to carve through pristine alpine powder. Sölden’s high-altitude pistes and advanced terrain ensure a rewarding experience for experts.

Sölden Ski Terrain - Snowboarders

Sölden is a fantastic destination for snowboarders, offering diverse terrain and excellent facilities. The Snowpark at Giggijoch is a highlight, located at an altitude of 2,450 meters. This park is easily accessible via the Giggijochbahn gondola and features a variety of obstacles, including jumps, rails, and boxes, catering to all levels of snowboarders.
For those seeking more challenging runs, the slopes around Gaislachkogl provide thrilling descents with natural features perfect for freestyle riding. Additionally, Sölden’s well-maintained halfpipe attracts top snowboarders from around the world.
With its high-altitude pistes, varied terrain, and state-of-the-art snow park, Sölden ensures an exciting experience for snowboarders in the stunning Ötztal Alps.



■ 144 km of slopes

■ Resort height: 1,350m

■ Elevation between 1,350m and 3,340m

■ 31 lifts

■ 67 km blue

■ 48 km red

■ 29 km black

■ Operates from mid-November to early May

Day pass for Sölden, 2024-2025 winter season

■ Adults (born 2005 or earlier): €68

■ Youth (born 2006-2008): €54

■ Children (born 2009-2016): €37

 Nearest airports:
■ Innsbruck airport: 86 km / ~1h.15m by car

■ Munich airport: 230 km / ~2h.30m by car

Towns worth visiting:

■ Innsbruck: 86 km / ~1h.15m by car

■ Ötztal: 42 km / ~35m by car

■ 007 Elements Museum

■ Gaislachkogl Summit

■ Aqua Dome

■ Rettenbach & Tiefenbach Glaciers

■ Ötzi Village


■ Skiing & Snowboarding

■ Cross-country skiing

■ Snowshoeing

■ Winter hiking

■ Heli skiing

■ Paragliding

■ Tobogganing

■ Ice skating